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Synthetic Spinal

Synthetic spinel material is transparent to opaque with dull luster. Spinel comes in variety of colors like aquamarine, sapphire blue, green in different shades from light, medium, dark. Its hardness is 8 and specific gravity is 3.5 to 4.1.

No 104 Aquamarine Blue
No 105 Aquamarine Green
No 106 L-Sapphire Blue
No 107 D-Sapphire Blue
No 108 D-Sapphire Blue
No 109 Dark Violet
No 112 L-Burman Blue
No 113 Burman Blue
No 114 D-Burman blue
No 119 D-Sapphire Blue
No 120 Zircon Blue
No 149 L-Green Electric
No 152 D-Green Electric