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Synthetic Corrundum

The name CORUNDUM is derived from tamil word KURUNTUM meaning ruby, synthetic corundum is best substitute for natural ruby and blue sapphires, it’s come in many different shades from light , medium and dark . The process of making synthetic corundum involves melting a finely powdered substance using an oxyhydrogen flame, and crystallizing the melted droplets into a boule.

No 1.25 Topaz Rose Red
No 2.5
No 3 L-Golden Rose Red
No 4 Rose Red
No 5 Dark Red Rose
No 7 Light Red
No 8 Deep Red
No 12 White
No 13 Green
No 33 L-Blue
No 34 L-Blue
No 35 D-Blue
No 45 Blue Red
No 46 L-Alexandar
No 48 D-Alexandar
No. 49 Change Red
No. 60